• The Repêchage® Hydra 4® Moisturising Day Cream with Seaweed Extracts For Sensitive Skin is the ultimate moisturiser for sensitive skin concerns, and is now available in an airless pump for ease of application and long-lasting potency. 
    Olive Oil extract is combined with four seaweed extracts including Laminaria Digitata, Ulva Compressa, Ahnfeltia Plicata, and Ulva Lactuca help to sooth and hydrate skin, while helping to maintain daily essential moisture.
    Use daily.
    Hydra 4® products are not intended to treat, diagnose, cure or prevent any disease.
    Size: 50ml/ 50g 

Hydra 4® Moisturising Day Cream 50ml

  • Due to Covid & sterile conditions there can be no returns or exchanges UNLESS faulty