• T-Zone Balance Cleansing Complex

    Formulated with st. john wort green and white teas to help skin feel cleansed toned moisturized.>
    Size: 6fl oz / 180 ml

    T-Zone Balance Toning Complex 

    Formulated with St. John's Wort, Green and White Tea extracts help to calm, sooth and balance combination skin. Use after cleansing or as often as desired to refresh your complexion.

    Size: 6fl oz / 180 ml

    Honey and Almond Scrub 

    Pure Honey, Oatmeal and Almond Meal help purify and deep cleanse. Leaves skin super clean and smooth.

    Size: 60 ml / 85 g / poids net wt 3 oz

    FREE T-Zone Balance Moisture Complex 

    Formulated with Green and White Teas to smooth and hydrate skin. A superior cream that is light enough to be used twice a day. Provides calming and soothing moisture. Non-comedogenic.

    Size: 2fl oz / 60 ml

T-Zone Spring Special - Free Moisture Complex

  • Due to Covid & sterile conditions there can be no returns or exchanges UNLESS faulty